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Our goal is to ensure that patients from developing countries have similar access to Cardiac Magnetic Resonance studies like any other person in the world, through the use of a faster, easier and cheaper protocol and maintaining the same diagnostic capacity with impact on the management of the patients.

We provide the following services in low and middle income countries

  • Professionals: education, courses and training.

  • Patients: education, information about the Cardiac Magnetic participant centers and helping them to have access to this study. We are working with the providers hospitals closely, in order to provide a correct treatment and follow-up after the CMR study is made.

  • Health services: Providing information on the limitations of the health system in developing countries and providing information on ways to improve access to this advance cardiac imaging method.

Who we are?

The rapid CMR project has grown through the contribution of a group of professionals (cardiologists, radiologists, technologists, physicists) involved with the practice of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance). To date, we are working with partners in Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

Find more information at participating centers here  ​

Dra. Katia Menacho

Dr Katia Menacho (MD) is a cardiologist, completing her PhD studies at the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, University College London (UCL) and Barts Heart Center - Saint Bartholomew's Hospital, United Kingdom. She has received a scholarship from the Scientific Council in Peru: Cienciactiva, Concytec, to complete her PhD studies at UCL. She has been awarded with two grants which have allowed to initiate and promote the implementation of this Rapid CMR project in developing countries: Foreign Commonwealth Office (2016 - 2017) and Santander Research Catalyst Award, UCL (2018). She is a member of the Translation Committee of the Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Society and was recently accredited with the level III CMR certification, EACVI - European Society of Cardiology.

She is the coordinator of the rapid CMR project and her specific areas of interest are the evaluation of cardiovascular disease in specific areas of need in developing countries and to exploit opportunities that are not accessible (research on cardiac iron overload in India, HIV and chronic mountain sickness in Peru).

Professor James Moon

Professor Moon is a cardiologist at UCL and clinical director of cardiac imaging at Barts Heart Centre, London UK. He is also president of the British Society of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance.  On one side, he is a researcher developing new MRI techniques for cardiac MRI and linking these to new therapies to improve the lives of patients by embedding them in clinical care. On the other, he aims to increase access to MRI making it faster, easier and cheaper with outreach (ultrafast CMR) in the developing world, but also aiming to increase access for patients with pacemakers and ICDs in the UK and globally.  “Partnership between radiology and cardiology is a key priority – we can do this – for the benefit of patients”.

Dr. Malcolm Walker


Dr Malcolm Walker is a Consultant Cardiologist working at University College (UCLH), co-founder and clinical director at the Hatter Cardiovascular Institute, at University College Hospital, London. Dr Walker’s clinical work involves providing out-patient and in-patient consultations including interventional treatments to adult patients with established heart disease, or at risk of developing heart disease. In addition to more than 30 years of experience in clinical medicine and cardiology, Dr Walker has developed internationally recognised expertise in some specialised areas of cardiovascular medicine. These include: Cardiovascular effects of inherited diseases of haemoglobin, mainly Thalassaemia and Sickle Cell disease, Cardiovascular consequences of iron overload, Cardiovascular rehabilitation and prevention, Cardiovascular effects of cancer and its treatment. Dr Walker is the chief investigator of the two upcoming project of Rapid CMR in developing countries: India - The UMIMI study (Ultra-fast MRI for Iron Management in India 2018 - 2019) and South-Africa: Rapid CMR in Cape Town (2019).

Dr Harold Litt

Dr Harold Litt  MD-PhD, FNASCI, FAHA is Associate Professor of Radiology and Medicine at the Perelman School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania and Chief of the Cardiothoracic Imaging Division in the Department of Radiology. Dr. Litt earned A.B. and A.M. degrees in Physics from Harvard and an MD and PhD in Biophysical Sciences at SUNY at Buffalo. Following internship at Harvard Medical School-Mount Auburn Hospital, he completed radiology residency at Penn, and returned as faculty after a Cardiothoracic Imaging fellowship at University of California at San Francisco. He was the principal investigator of the ACRIN-PA 4005 multicenter trial concerning the use of coronary CT for evaluation of emergency department chest pain patients and first author of the April 2012 NEJM publication of the trial results. His other clinical and research interests include MR imaging of patients with implanted pacemakers and defibrillators, MR imaging of scar in
nonischemic heart disease, and modeling of cardiac structure and function.  More recently, he has focused on international outreach; as chair of the membership committee, he initiated the associate member category for the Society of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance and planned the first CMR course ever given in South Africa. He has also helped to organize SCMR sponsored courses in China, India, Argentina and Peru, and NASCI
sponsored cardiac CT courses in South Africa as well organizing the cardiovascular program for the RSNA-SPR collaborative JPR meetings in Brazil in 2014, 2016, and 2018.

Dr Anna Herrey

Dr Anna Herrey (MD, PhD, FRCP) is a Consultant Cardiologist with special expertise in all modalities of cardiac imaging, trained in Germany and the UK. Dr Anna Herrey holds an honorary senior lecturer post at University College London. She has published extensively in cardiac imaging and heart muscle disease and is a member of the International Outreach Committee of the Society of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance. She continues her clinical work in cardiology at the Royal Free Hospital in London and is a Consultant in Cardiac MRI and CT and Lead for Imaging Audit and Governance at Barts Heart Centre in London, United Kingdom.


Dr Ron Jacob

Dr Ron Jacob (MD, FACC, FASE, FSCCT) is a consultant cardiologist and director of the  cardiac MRI program at the Heart and Vascular Institute in PENN Medicine/Lancaster General Health,  Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He is the chair of the International Outreach Committee of the Society of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance. Dr Jacob completed his medical school in India, residency at Drexel University College of Medicine and fellowship in cardiac imaging in Cleveland Clinic Hospital.  

Dr Jacob has a particular interest in increasing and improving the use of CMR globally and the role of CMR in Multimodality Imaging. As part of the SCMR outreach committee, he is currently helping to organize,  facilitating conferences and providing training in different part of the world such as: China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and South Africa.

Dr. Juliano Fernandes

Dr Juliano Fernandes (MD, PhD) is a consultant cardiologist an coordinator of the new Jose Michel Kalaf Research Institute in Campinas, Brasil, dedicated to the research of Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging. 

Dr Fernandes concluded a one-year fellowship in cardiovascular magnetic resonance and computed tomography at the Heart Institute, University of São Paulo. His main areas of research includes MRI parametric mapping with emphasis on T2* analysis, coronary artery disease diagnosis with CMR and CCT as well as new developments in high-field MRI. Adding to that, Dr Fernandes coordinates different intervention trials using imaging-guided endpoints and multicenter studies with both imaging modalities. Dr Fernandes is a regular contributor to and member of the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR), Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (SCCT), North American Society for Cardiovascular Imaging, Interamerican Society of Cardiology and the Brazilian Society of Cardiology (SBC), currently serving as editor of the SCMR Forum and Chair of SCMR’s Publications Committee. Having the goal of disseminating and implementating cardiovascular MRI and CT worldwide, Dr Fernandes has participated in the training of more than 47 centers across 22 countries in the world. He has authored and co-authored 44 manuscripts in peer-reviewed indexed journals, including American Journal of Medicine, Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine, Clinical Research in Cardiology, Haematologica, Radiology, Atherosclerosis, the American Journal of Cardiology, the International Journal of Cardiology and European Radiology.

Dr Thomas Treibel


Dr Thomas Treibel (MRCP, PhD) is a clinical lecturer in cardiology at Barts Heart Centre and the Institute of Cardiovascular Science at University College, London. His research focuses on the myocardial response of aortic stenosis and the impact on patients’ outcome. During his PhD (RELIEF-AS Study [NCT02174471]), he demonstrated not only important insights into the histopathological bases of aortic stenosis (Treibel et al EHJ 2018)[TT1] , but also that diffuse fibrosis regresses after aortic valve replacement (Treibel et al JACC 2018). In the largest multi-centre AS CMR study to date, focal fibrosis was the best predictor of outcome (Musa & Treibel et al Circulation 2018); that we are probably operating too late; and that there is residual risk for patients post AVR. He has received several awards including the Early Career Award 2017 of the Society of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance and Young Investigator Award 2015 of the British Society of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance.  Dr Treibel has contributed to the international Rapid CMR project, being the lead applicant in the UCL Global Initiative Grant that contributes to the project.


Dra. Laura Dragonetti


Dr. Laura Dragonetti is an internal medicine doctor and cardiac radiologist and Head of the Cardiac Radiology Department at Aleman Hospital in Buenos Aires - Argentina. She trained in Buenos Aires in general radiology and also in London (Royal Brompton Hospital) in (ERESA) Valencia and INCOR (Brasil) in cardiac radiology. Since 1999 she has been an active researcher in multimodality cardiac radiology, with a special interest in MRI,

She served as a member of the Cardiac Imaging Committee of the Argentinian Society of Cardiology. She is a current member of the Committee of teaching and training of the Argentinian Society of Radiology (SAR) and reviewer of the SAR Journal

Dr. Diego Pérez de Arenaza

Dr diego perez de arenaza.jpg

Dr. Diego Perez is co-director of the Image Section - Cardiology Service of the Italian Hospital Buenos Aires. He is also the former director of the Tomography and Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Board of the Argentinian Society of Cardiology and current Member of the Advisory Board. Dr Perez is teacher of the Annual Course in Tomography and Cardiac Magnetic Resonance specialisation course of the Argentinian Society of Cardiology. He is head of the Myocardiopathies Office at the Cardiology Service, Italian Hospital in Buenos Aires..


Dra. Sara Ramirez


Dr Sara Ramirez is a consultant cardiologist with a Master's Degree in Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging: MRI and CT from the Autonomous University of Barcelona -  Santa Creu i Sant Pau Hospital, Spain 2014-2015.

She works in the Cardiovascular Imaging Unit of the Peruvian Air Force Hospital and in the Center of Excellence of Diagnostic Imaging - International Clinic, Lima Peru, where she is the coordinator of the Cardiovascular Diagnostic Unit. She is also the coordinator of the Diagnostic Imaging Course in Cardiology in San Marcos National University . She is member of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC), Peruvian Society of Cardiology, representative in Peru of the Heart Imagers of tomorrow of the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI's HIT), Representative of Peru on the Echocardiography and Cardiovascular Image Association of the Interamerican Society of Cardiology (ECOSIAC).

Dra. Ana Shimabukuru

Dr Ana  Shimabukuro is a radiologist, member of the Peruvian Society of Radiology, Inter-American College of Radiology and the American Society of Radiology. She is an consultant radiologist in the Magnetic Resonance Department at Guillermo Almenara Irigoyen National Hospital in Lima, Peru; consultant radiologist in the MR and CT department at the Japanese Peruvian Centennial Clinic and consultant radiologist in the Magnetic Resonance Department at  San Gabriel Clinic - San Pablo hospital.

Dr. Shimabukuro has begun training in Cardiac Magnetic Resonance since of January 2018 at Guillermo Almenara Hospital, where studies and reports are performed once a week in conjunction with the Cardiology service.

Dr Pedro Segura


Consultant Cardiologist at Edgardo Rebagliati Martins Hospital and associate professor at Cayetano Heredia Peruvian University, Biomedical Engineering School. Dr Segura has participated directly in the execution of the Rapid Cardiac Magnetic Resonance project in Lima, Peru 2016 - 2017, which was a very useful opportunity to strengthen his abilities in cardiac imaging and to promote the development of faster and easier CMR protocols for the assessment of cardiac pathologies in Peru.

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