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I Seminar and Training Course on Rapid Cardiac Magnetic Resonance in Buenos Aires - Argentina, 02 and 03 of June 2018

Valid for Level I certification, Society of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance
International team

Profesor James Moon, Dr Anna Herrey, Dr Katia Menacho

University College London, Reino Unido

Dr Juliano Fernandes (SCMR – Brasil), Dr Harold Litt (SCMR – USA)


Dr Laura Dragonetti, Dr Diego Pérez de Arenaza

Saturday 2nd of June Italian Hospital

08:00 – 17:00hs Main Conference day

Sunday 3rd of June Italian Hospital

08:00 – 12:00hs Workshop and patient scanning 

13:00  – 16:00hs Reporting session with international experts

Seminar Course Saturday 2nd of June

With a total of 105 participants: 69 cardiologists, 24 radiologists, 13 medical technologists.

In addition to 14 delegates from other countries: 6 from Uruguay, 6 from Brazil and 2 from Chile; This first course - workshop was held with participation of national and international scientific societies and image centers: IMAT, DIM and Italian Hospital in Buenos Aires

This first conference and training course in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was conducted by national and international experts, as part of the project:

"Improving the Diagnosis of Cardiac Diseases with Rapid CMR Protocols"


During the first day, different topics related with CMR were reviewed and presented by international and national experts: physical principles, CMR protocols, clinical applications in Myocardial Ischemia, Cardiomyopathies, Congenital Heart Disease, Masses, Pericardial disease as well as discussion of clinical cases.

Training and Reporting Course: Sunday 3rd of June

With a total of 75 participants on this day, live scanning sessions in the participant centers were conducted in the morning, where the participants visited and observed patient scanning and acquisition dynamics with the use of the rapid protocol.

Reporting session and training in post-processing analysis with CVI42 software

At the same time, reports of the studies made with the Rapid Magnetic Resonance protocol were discussed with the national and international team. In a joint session, clinical cases were finally reported, responding to the questions of the participants and providing final conclusions of each study. 


In addition, there was a room for analysis and post-processing of cardiac magnetic resonance images, with 10 CVI42 workstations where participants could interact with the cardiac software and have an introduction of the several tools available for cardiac images analysis. Participant had also the opportunity to learn the basic principles of cardiac volume analysis and practice with some CMR studies examples. 

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