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The aim of the UMIMI study (Ultra-fast MRI for Iron Management in India) study is to assess whether CMR using commercially ultrafast sequences can provide reliable information about heart and liver iron content, whether this information changes the clinical management and whether this approach has an impact on the patients’ cardiac status at one-year of follow-up. 

Main Investigators of the Project:

Dr Malcolm Walker

Dr VK Ghana

Dr Amita Mahajan

Dr Rajiv K Bansal

Mrs Shobha Tuli

United Kingdom Team 

Mrs Judith Walker

Professor James Moon 

Dr Amna Abdel-Gadir

Dr Redha Bouberktah

Radiographer Louise Mc-Grath

Radiographer Nabila Mughal

Mrs Tenzin Seldon

Dr Katia Menacho

The UMIMI study is supported by the Thalassemics India Society.

Name of the Project:

UMIMI: Ultra-fast MRI for Iron Management in India

FiSponsor and Funding: 

UCH Charitable Trustees via the Greenbaum

McClean legacy (Fund 1425)


Project starts at:

November 2018

Dr Walker.jpg

Participant Centers

Delhi - Hospital Sir Ganga Ram

Address: Rajinder Nagar

New Delhi 110060


Contact: Dr VK Ghana, Dr Amita Mahajan

Jaipur - Bhawani Singh Marg Hospital 

Address: Rambagh circle, Jaipur,

Rajasthan 30201560


Contact: Dr Rajiv K Bansal

Jaipur - Okay Research Diagnostic Centre

Address: Opp. S.M.S. Hospital, 4, Vivekanand Marg,

C-Scheme, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001.


Contact: Dr Rajiv K Bansal

For more information about the project, please contact: 

India – Shobha Tuli, Secretary-Thalassemics India

Telephone: (O) 00911141827334,



United Kingdom - UCL: Dr Malcolm Walker,

Clinical Director at the Hatter Cardiovascular Institute, UCLH


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