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These are the participating Magnetic Resonance centers which are introducing and using the rapid CMR protocol for evaluation of cardiomyopathies. If you have difficulty finding one center near your area, you can contact us here  

Address: Andres Aramburu Av 2nd block,

Miraflores 15046,

Lima - Peru

Contact: Dr Sara Ramirez   


Phone: +51 5135300

Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Department, Radiology Service - Edgardo Rebagliati National Hospital

Address: Edgardo Rebagliati Av 490,

Jesús María 15072, Peru 46,

Lima - Peru

Contact: Dr Berta Rodriguez, Dr Pedro Segura Dr Violeta Illatopa (INCOR) 


Phone: +51 2654901

Magnetic Resonance Department, Radiology Service - Guillermo Almenara Irigoyen National Hospital

Dirección:  Jirón Prolongación Cangallo s/n.  La Victoria. 

La Victoria 15033,

Lima - Peru

Contact: Dra. Kelly Cupe, Dra Ana Shimabukuro   


Phone: 511-324-2983 anexo 49021 / 49021

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